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  • The price of the Reservation does not include taxes and additional charges. Additional charges will be directed to your Hotel account during check-out. For example: telephone calls. The total cost of the Reservation must be paid before you check-in. Check-in/ Check-out hours will depend of the Hotel of your choice. We accept the following forms of payment during Check-out: Travelers checks, Visa, Mastercard, U.S. Dollars and Mexican Pesos. If you require multiple rooms in the same Hotel and for the same dates, please contact a Costumer Client Representative before booking your Reservation. Please confirm the age of Guests when booking your Reservation (guests under 25 years old are not eligible). Upon Check-in you will be asked to present an official photo ID and a Credit Card to cover incidental charges.

Agreement between Client & CancunOfertas.com.mx

  • This Web site welcomes all users. Visitors of CancunOfertas.com.mx must agree to the terms, conditions and news presented here. Those who make use of this Web site assume full responsibility and the acceptance of the terms, conditions and news of CancunOfertas.com.mx

Terms & Responsability

  • The content, software, products and services of CancunOfertas.com.mx INCLUDE faulty concepts and typographic errors. CancunOfertas.com.mx DOES NOT GUARANTEE the accuracy and truthfulness of the content displayed in the Web site, and is not responsible of any inaccurate information or descriptions of the hotels and travel products presented in this Web site including photos, list of hotel amenities and general product descriptions from suppliers. The Hotel/Star classification displayed on this Web site should be used as a general guide, and does not guarantee the accuracy of the classification. The content in this Web site may suffer constant updates, which will change the information on a daily basis

  • The inclusion, promotion, and purchase of any product or service of this Web site do not INCLUDE the approval or recommendation of CancunOfertas.com.mx towards these products and services. In addition, we do not make an ideal representation of the content, products, services and software included in this Web site for other purposes.

  • Hotels and suppliers that offer accommodations, products and other services for CancunOfertas.com.mx are independent contractors, and are not employees or agents of CancunOfertas.com.mx. Therefore, CancunOfertas.com.mx is not responsible of the errors, omissions, acts, representations, non-fulfillment or negligence from suppliers. CancunOfertas.com.mx and affiliates ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE and WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS in events such as tardiness, overbooking, cancellations, strike, and government acts or other events out of our control.

  • Vacation Packages

    • Reservations are subject to availability and are valid for 2 adults and 2 children. This Promotion is restricted for persons between 30-68 years old with a family income of $50,000 USD per year (as minimum). If the couple is married, both spouses must attend the sales presentation of 90 minutes (120 minutes in Cancun). On the contrary if the couple does not attend the sales presentation, an additional fee of $300 USD per Night will apply. All participants must register in Front-Desk and present a valid Credit Card and official photo ID. Upon arrival, Front Desk will carry out a pre-authorization on the couple´s Credit card (which is not a charge). If the couple does not present a Credit Card they will be asked for a cash deposit of $200 USD. Personal checks are not accepted. The prices of Reservations are relatively high during peak seasons depending on the Hotel of your choice. Extra nights and attraction tickets are available with special discount. Additional guests will be charged an extra fee. CancunOfertas.com.mx provides accommodation in affiliate hotels. Reservations are subject to availability.

    • Travel must be completed starting one year after the date of purchase.

    • Reservations should be made 30 days before arrival date. Cancellations should be done 30 days before arrival date. Cancellations made 72 hours before arrival date will have an additional charge of $35 USD that will be added to the first Night rate. No Refunds/changes will be issued for no-shows, or for early Check-outs. The average price of a Vacation package is of $90-$300 USD per Night.

    • The Promotion does not include taxes, gratuities, transportation or food & beverage. This Promotion is not transferable and not valid with another promotion. This Promotion is not available for groups, family reunions (3 or more families traveling together), Royal Resorts members, or Royal Resorts employees and close family members. Those who have been part of a tour in the same Royal Resorts property in less than 24 months, or participated in a Royal Resorts promotion that required a tour, will be charged an additional fee. The Promotion is subject to changes without further notice and applies per family. The Promotion is not valid for persons living within 100 miles (160 km) from Royal Resorts properties.

    Important Information

    • If you make use of this web site you agree to the following Terms & Conditions: I understand that by providing my name, address, telephone and e-mail (and other “Contact Information”) to this web site, I can be contacted by the mentioned. By providing my Contact Information I am making a commercial inquiry. I request a telephone call back from CancunOfertas.com.mx and accept that CancunOfertas.com.mx can contact me by phone, message or e-mail. I accept that CancunOfertas.com.mx and affiliates can indemnify their agents or employees from all responsibility of the events that can occur by giving out my Contact Information to this Web site. I give permission to provide non-related third parties my Contact Information.

    Personal and Non-commercial Use

    • This Web site was made for personal and non-commercial use. The content and information presented in this Web site as well as the infrastructure used, is property of CancunOfertas.com.mx, its suppliers and affiliates. By making use of this Web site, you agree not to modify copy, distribute, transfer, present, reproduce, publish, register and create further works such as transferences, sales and re-sales with the information, software, products or services obtained from this Web site. In addition, you accept not to make use of the content for a commercial or non-personal purposes (direct or indirect) including the following:

      • Using robot, spider, scraper or any other automatic form or manual procedure to access, monitor or copy content and information from the Web site CancunOfertas.com.mx without written permission.
      • By preventing or limiting the access to this Web site.
      • Linking any section of this Web site to sites such as travel agencies or any other sites for commercial purposes, without the written consent of CancunOfertas.com.mx.
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